“Community Impact”

Last weekend I took part in a clean up of the riverbank in our local area here in Dublin. Our section of the river runs right past a large Tesco, and the few hundred yards around the supermarket was by far the most littered area. It’s interesting to consider Tesco’s responsibility in this situation. A large fence separates Tesco’s car park (litter free) and the detritus-strewn path along the river. Does this fence represent the boundary of Tesco’s corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

Tesco has much to say on corporate responsibility, as this extract from their website on “community impact” suggests:


However, there was no-one from Tesco involved in the river clean up (the group behind it is Dodder Action – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dodder-Action/262894190451698). So, as an experiment, I’ll be sending an email to Tesco asking about their policy on rubbish along the river. It’ll be interesting to see how far their commitment to “community impact” really goes. To be continued…

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