Post-Carbon Ireland

Ahead of the Irish General Election next Friday (26th February), a group of academics, under the banner of Post-Carbon Ireland, has published an open letter to all parties and candidates in the election asking the future government to set up a “citizens convention for a post-carbon Ireland”. The Group envisages the convention as a comprehensive Green Paper, providing a “shared national vision, a citizens’ charter with concrete policy parameters”, to guide policy across governments over the next three decades.

What the group has also done, which is really interesting, is write to the major political parties asking for their position on a citizens’ convention. As you can see on their website, in the “Party Positions” section, only two of the parties have responded to date. This is a particularly useful piece of work because, as I’ve found out over the last couple of weeks, it’s extremely difficult to discern each party’s position on climate change and sustainability in general. All the info and the open letter can be found on the group’s website:

In addition, one of the group’s directors, Dr Cara Augustenborg, has a good, regularly updated blog here:

Finally, tomorrow evening in the centre of Dublin, Friends of the Earth Ireland is hosting an election “hustings”, where members of the public can ask candidates about their position on environmental issues. Full details here:



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