Welcome to The Sustainable Business Edit. This is the blog that trawls through the internet to bring you the latest news stories, academic articles, books and generally useful information on the sustainable development-business relationship.

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About “sustainable business”

It’s important to note the emphasis here on “sustainable” rather than “business”. “Sustainable business” in the context of this blog refers to organisations operating within natural limits while meeting societal needs, not, as is common in business and in much of the academic literature, simply engaging with social and environmental issues to build long-term competitive advantage.

Consequently, the stories and references highlighted on this blog are largely those which encourage us to question the prevailing “wisdom” on the nature-society-business relationship. The approach taken, in academic terms, is every so slightly “critical”, combined with a streak of pragmatism and a personal sense of optimism.

The view of the sustainable development-business relationship expressed here has been informed by the work of, among others, Schumacher (1973), Pirages and Ehrlich (1974), UNWCED (1987), Daly and Cobb (1992), Gladwin et al (1995), Daly (1996), Hawken et al (1999), Porritt (2005), Dryzek (2005) and Gray (2010) (see below for references). Any comments on the blog or suggestions for improvement are more than welcome.

About the author: I have just completed my PhD in sustainable development and business at the School of Management, University of St Andrews, Scotland. In October 2015 I commenced an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Quinn School of Business, University College Dublin on the topic of “Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Enterprise: an Empirical Exploration of the Possibilities of Corporate Sustainability”.

Aideen O’Dochartaigh, PhD                                                                                                                 2015


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