Academic Articles

Blog posts relating to peer-reviewed academic articles and books of academic interest, usually recently published. This page also includes other posts related to academia e.g. reports on conferences, notification of conferences, seminars etc:

NUIG 1916 – 2016 Conference –

CSEAR Ireland 2016 –

ENVIRON 2016: Other highlights –

Sustainable Development indicators at country-level –

Contemporary continental philosophy (and organisations) –

Business Models for Sustainability – new articles –

Accounting and Happiness –

News from Nowhere and Atkins et al (2015) –

Women leaders and sustainability –

New issue of AAAJ –

Recycling and more sustainable fashion –

Accounting and Sustainable Development – Bebbington and Larrinaga (2014) –

Big World, Small Planet –

Organised Hypocrisy and Sustainability Reporting (Cho et al, 2015) –

Revisiting the Brundtland Report –

Universities and Critical Thinking –

EMAN-WBCSD Sustainability Accounting Conference –

Managing Sustainability Tensions in the Organisation (Hahn et al, 2015) –

Journal of Business Ethics (2015) –

CSR Pioneers (Parker, 2014) –

University Engagement with Sustainability (Cadiz Dyball et al, 2015) –

The Business Case is Organisational Dogma (Hockerts, 2015) –

What Nature does for Britain (Juniper, 2015) –

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